Upcoming events for the Unit

Dear All, In the midst of SA2, do note the following events that will happen in the 2nd half of October. 17th Oct: Orienteering Competition ( 5 Senior Cadets) 20th Oct: Unit final Water Activity (Dragonboating) 23rd Oct: Air Competition (9 cadets – 2SG Theena is the I/C) 26th Oct: IMT (all Senior Cadets) Consent […]

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Friday’s Training(11/8/17)

During today’s training, we had visitors from China and our FSD team put up a wonderful performance and the aero mod team taught them to fold planes and play the flight simulator. While their other part mates were practicing their drills. Then, the cadets enjoyed their time playing basketball  and captains ball which stregthen the […]

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Friday’s Training(4/8/17)

Today’s training started off with the parts practicing their drills. Then, the company had circuit training where the charlie, bravo and alpha cadets go through a series of vigorous and tiring exercises.The exercises challenged them mentally and physically as it required a lot of perseverance and determination to overcome those challenges.

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Friday’s Training(28/7/17)

Although today’s training was with a smaller group as some of the bravo’s and charlie’s cadets had to go for a fitness challenge , the remaining cadets were split into their separate parts and taught new drill. Later on, the cadets enjoyed themselves thoroughly playing basket ball .

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