Friday’s training(6/4/18)

We started off today’s training by releasing the post of the charlies. Although some may feel they deserve a better post, we hope they will be able to get over it and be able to work together a run the company to their fullest potential. Before the training ended we had our last round of […]

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Friday’s training (9/2/18)

We started with with cadets doing their usual drills practice, while the secondary 1s are still easing into the CCA and getting to experience the endurance needed. Followed by physical training, which really pushed the cadets to their limits both physically and mentally!

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Friday’s training(26/1/18)

We kicked off today’s training with a muster parade as it was the secondary ones first training. They played some ice breakers and learn about our CCA. Then the bravos had an intensive but fun physical training while the charlies and alphas played captains ball to end off the training.

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Friday’s training(19/1/18)

Today’s training, we were greeted with the pleasant smiles of the NCC (air) and NPCC Cadets as we played a friendly match of captain balls together. The NCC (air) Cadets enjoyed learning and recapping their foot drills that they have learnt in the past year.

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